Ruma Sakit Live from Bottom of the Hill 2000 Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Ellie Goulding Live at Amoeba San Francisco Engineer
Vieux Farka Toure Live Engineer
The Mermen A Glorius Leathal Eurphoria Producer Engineer
The Mermen Food For Other Fish Producer
The Mermen Do you hear what i hear? Engineer
Brian Jonestown Massacre Methadrone Engineer
The Mommy Heads Brighams Hole Engineer
The Mommy Heads Flying Suit Engineer
Nelly McKay Get away from Me DVD Engineer
Warren Haynes Live at Amoeba(pending) Engineer
The Sandals The Endless Summer 2 Film Engineer
Dave Mihaly/Shimmering Leaves Rivers Engineer
Dilute Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Midnight Live 94117 Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Two Gallants Live Sound/Recording Engineer
FOLI A La Maquina Engineer/Co-Producer
Terentell Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Albino Live in San Francisco Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Meridian w/ Vernon Reed Full Catastrophe Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Live Human with DJ Quest Live Live Sound/Recording Engineer
TEN featuring Eric Mc Faddin TEN Engineer
Pelt Live at SF Terrastock Festival Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Engines of Aggression Inhuman Nature Assistant Engineer
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir Christmas Concert Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Brian Melvin Trio Old Voices Engineer
Naked Aggression March March Alive Assistant Engineer
Big Nate South Park (Crips and Bloods) Co-Producer/Engineer
Shannon Bryant Oceano Engineer/Co-Producer
D’Cookoo D’Kookoo Engineer/Co-Producer
SpaceHeads 1999 Engineer/Co-Producer
The Panther Moderns Red Star Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Z-Trip & Rader & string quartet (release pending) Producer Engineer
Dominic Leone Ensemble Stravinsky’s Les Noces Engineer
Big City Orchestra 4 Cassettes of the Apocalypse Engineer
N. Bannerjeest/Zakier Hussain Bhajan Engineer
Mini Pop The Precious Engineer / Co Producer
Russel Waller and Ira Stein Windam Hill sampler Engineer
Mark Darnell Windam Hill Sampler Engineer
Lea Delaria Box Engineer Engineer
Lisa Suck Dog Baby Sharp Teeth Live Sound/Recording Engineer
A.Y. Hart/J.Louis Walker Mean Street Blues Engineer
Off Ramp Off Chance Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Window Pain Industries Window Pain Industries Live Sound/Recording Engineer
Plastic Dog Band Plastic Dog Band Engineer
Yah Yah Littleman Yah Yah Littleman Engineer/Co-Producer
Idiot Box 15 seconds Engineer/Co-Producer
The Earthlings The Earthlings Engineer/Co-Producer
Vasco Da Gamma Is There Still Hope? Engineer
Don Paul and the Suspect Many We need the rain Engineer
The Damsels California Engineer
Something Scaley Creature Comfort Engineer
Calbert Smith & Major Jackson Sound Deh Nuff Say 12″ Engineer
Bull Dog Just Like I Told You Engineer
Operation X Jezabel Engineer
Gregory Scott Reeves Here Comes the Darkness Engineer/Co-Producer
Tarumbae War Zone Producer/Engineer
Vertical World 33 Cormorants Co-Producer Engineer
Rouge Wave D-Tour Film Engineer/Co-Producer
Tibetian Dance Ensemble PBS Special The Dali Lama Engineer/Co-Producer
SEGA Spiderman 2 Video game Composer Engineer
KRQR Weed In The Morning theme Engineer
NPR Radio Special Radio First Termer Sound Designer
WERS Boston Live jazz fusion radio broadcasts Engineer
Wells Fargo Bank Do’s & Dont’s Training Vids Engineer
Terrastock Music Festival S.F. Live Sound/Recording Engineer